Wednesday, December 30, 2015


There are certain things in this vast universe that are guaranteed. There is no doubt that every morning the sun will rise. The rising sun heralds a new day, symbolizing, for some, new struggles. For others, our great star's appearance foretells something of greater significance. Often, people will gaze upon the horizon at dawn and see great potential. These optimists are certain that the day will bring positive change.
For me, this day brought some positive change. It brought closure. It brought certainty. While it also brought great pain, often out of agony, new hope is born. Today I choose to celebrate potential of greatness.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Out of Nowhere

It's been a while.
I stopped blogging because the pain became less intense.
I removed my posts because the adversary demanded it and I am accustomed to giving in.

And then the intensity returned.

Out of nowhere.
Great brand new job.
Children thriving at school.
Heartbreak long forgotten.

Out of nowhere.
Shame over past mistakes.
Regret over what never was.
Pain over intense unspeakable loss.

Out of nowhere.
Sobbing into dry hands.
Questioning unto oblivion.
Doubting as to purpose.

Out of nowhere.

With nobody to blame but myself.